I am the Creative Director at York based agency Scarlett Abbott where I use my experience to lead and develop a incredibly creative team of people.

My core role and passion lie in magazine design and publishing -- which has not only given me an in-depth understanding of print and the reprographic process and honed my eye for detail -- but has ensured I have a solid background in the commissioning of photographers and illustrators. It has also focused my mind on the importance of content and content delivery through strong design. 

But don't write me off as 'just a magazine designer'! I produce a variety of work across print and digital platforms. My wider role is to nurture and inspire creative teams to achieve the highest standards of design. By communicating regularly and encouraging personal development, I ensure an enthusiastic, smooth running and effective team that delivers results to deadlines and budgets. 

I build client relationships based on trust and can effectively present ideas to a variety of audiences and present pitch visuals for significant new business wins. As a brand ambassador for major corporations, such as EDF and Coca-Cola Enterprises, I offer my clients strategic insight into their brand development and delivery.

I love all aspects of the design industry and keep a keen eye on trends and style. Pinterest.com has enabled me to document and scrapbook the pieces I admire and to keep a log of illustrators and photographers that I have worked with or those that I would like to work with.